Located about 2 hours from the bustling capital, Kymi lies in a corner of Evia combining a beautiful natural environment rich of green mountains and blue seas and a strong folk culture with traditions, habits and customs, folk songs etc.

Besides beauties of nature such as blue Aegean waters (indicatively a few beaches of the area: Soutsini, Stomio, Mourteri, Kefala, Tsilaros, Thapsa etc.) and evergreen forests that visitors can enjoy, they can also taste the famous traditional griddle-sweets (baklava, almond toffees, dried figs and many others), quench their thirst in the cool spring of Honeftiko (meaning, literally, digestive water, a running water with healing properties), visit the folklore museum of Kymi founded in 1981, being one of the best of its kind, admire the stone-built Metropolitan Church of St. Athanasius on the main square of Kymi which hosts the famous Liturgical Epitaph from the 14th century, and, many other churches, monasteries, ancient monuments with rich historical interest.

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Indicatively are mentioned:

The Church of Our Lady 'Liaoutsanissa' dating from 1849 with an elaborate marble chancel and pulpit of the Byzantine style.

The ancient stone-built church of Agios Dimitrios in Avlonari, celebrated every year in early October with a trade fair lasting one week, the famous Bazaar of Avlonari..

Known monasteries of the region with great history are the Convent of Sotiros (the 'Saviour') in Kymi dating from the 16th century and located on a steep and lonely environment, at 260 meters above sea.

The Monastery of the Assumption or "Monastery of Mantzari" (named after the first Abbot), dating from the 11th to 12th century.

The Monastery of Lefkes in Ochtonia founded in the 10th century as a monastery of the Presentation of Virgin Mary which, in 1835, Nicholaos Kriezotis renamed to Monastery of St. Charalambos, built at an altitude of 430 meters and surrounded by tall poplars to which owes its name. Lovers of nature and walking must definitely visit the Mill of Santas.

The Mill of Santas is a magnificent location near Andronianoi, area of Kymi. The name is derived from the abandoned water mill, whose ruins are still here. Operation of this water mill stopped around 1965. The area is overgrown with hydrophilic plants and dense vegetation, with a gully running through.

The waterfall and two bridges which are covered with dense vegetation are very impressive. The bridges were built by craftsmen from Epirus in the late 19th century to facilitate transition in the neighbouring villages.

For lovers of wild landscapes a walk in Chili shall be great satisfaction. The coastal settlement of Chili is located in the north of Kymi (5 Km from town). It is one of the most unique villages in Evia: the locals keep their boats elevated on handmade cranes literally outside their homes to protect them from the weather but also due to the lack of port..

There are also opportunities for diving, horse riding, 4x4 excursions and trekking.

Finally we must make mention of Georgios Papanikolaou, the globally famous doctor, who was born here in Kymi; his ancestral home in Kymi is preserved until today and will be soon turned into <>.